Multi-Sports Holiday Courses


Our Multi-Sports holiday course features many different sports for children to participate in.

These include tennis, basketball, football, hockey, dodgeball, cricket, gymnastics, tag-rugby, athletics and much more. Each sport is suitable for the age group and features an Olympic Games on the last day.

If your children are keen to blow off steam during the school holidays and you need to find a good activity for them to enjoy, then choose our multi-sports course.

Key Facts

  • Split into age/ability groups
  • Children will make lots of new friends
  • Variety of awards up for grab each week
  • All groups are led by fully qualified coaches
  • Age appropriate equipment
  • Children work within our specifically designed curriculum
  • Day runs like a school day with two 20 mins snack breaks and a 30 min lunch break
  • Crazy theme days throughout the week (notified on Mondays)

No pressure - the emphasis is on fun!

All children are split into groups appropriate to their age and ability. This ensures that they are learning and having fun in a safe, supportive environment with other learners of a similar level.

The emphasis is definitely on enjoyment and friendships, and every session is run by highly qualified and experienced coaches who work closely with the children and adapt the sessions to meet their needs. We accept children of all ages and abilities, and we can also accommodate children with special educational needs.

We maintain a high coach-to-child ratio, to ensure that every session is fun, focused and offers your child plenty of individual attention in an environment in which they can thrive.

Structured play and learning

There are different awards up for grabs every week and all equipment is provided. Parents get to see their children showing off their new skills at the end of the day. The children follow a structured programme, according to our specifically designed curriculum.

Our day runs in a similar fashion to a school day, with a supervised half hour lunch and two twenty minute snack breaks. We can also offer wrap-around care to help with parents’ working schedules, and our courses are run in local leisure centres for ease of access.

In addition to our multi sports course, we offer other courses and summer programmes focusing on football, gymnastics and dance all geared to develop your child.

What does a day look like?

Time Activity
9.30-10.00am Fun Warm-ups and games
10.00-11.00am Sport 1 (Hockey)
11.00- 11.20am First Break
11.20am – 12.30pm Sport 2 (Tennis)
12.30-1.00pm Lunchtime
1.00-2.00pm Sport 3 (Dodgeball)
2.00-2.20pm Final Break
2.20 – 3.25pm Sport 4 (Athletics)
2.20 – 3.00pm Fun Based passing game
3.30pm De-brief and wave off to parents

What to bring?

  • Great big smiles,
  • A healthy packed lunch, snacks and drinks plus a water bottle for the whole day
  • It’s a good idea to pack waterproofs, a change of clothes, sun hat and cream
  • Comfortable clothing and suitable footwear